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Walkers pay a nominal registration fee for Encounters on the Israel Trail. Some of the logistics, supplies and services are provided by volunteers, yet the Organizers still falls quite short of the total funding required to cover all the costs involved in this major project. The organizers believe that any contribution from each participant will defray a portion of the cost of the project. The best time to contribute is during the morning registration. Of course, larger contributions will certainly be welcomed. To donate securely online, please click Donate.

Daily Walking Information

The walk begins daily between 6:30 to 7:00AM (please check the Daily Trail Schedule), and generally ends between 4:00 to 5:00PM. On Fridays, the walk ends at least 3 hours before Shabbat. For pre-registered walkers, the Trail Organizers provide security staff, medics, water refills, return transportation (for drivers only) to their vehicle, and transport of any heavy personal equipment. Walkers are responsible for travel to and from the daily starting point, for their own water and food and other personal supplies, and for their own insurance. For those not part of the Shvil Camping Group, participants are responsible for finding their own accommodation if they wish to remain in the area for additional walking days. Each day begins with a short gathering, describing the plan for the day and dedicating it to the memory of specific people (during the online registration process). participants are encouraged to dedicate a day in remembrance of their loved ones who have fallen. After reviewing specific information for that day, the walk always begins with Tefilat Haderech, The Traveler’s Prayer. An hour a day is set aside for learning and discussion in small, mixed groups. This encourages a wider circle of acquaintance, and allows free and lively discussion within the group. Often these discussions continue as the daily walk progresses. The discussion focuses on subjects that are of current relevance to Israeli society.

At the end of each day, the participants will gather to meet a speaker with unique insight into an interesting topic, one that is relevant to Israel society. At times the walkers will meet various communities/social action groups. During the 2020 Walk there will be a few events (singalongs, dances, etc.) to which residents of those areas will be invited.

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