The “Nifgashim Beshvil Israel” project is an annual

event which invites Israelis and visitors from abroad to

hike the Israel Trail together, while engaging in a series

of dialogues on the challenges facing Israeli society.

From Eilat in the south to She’ar Yashuv in the north, it

is a commemorative walk on the The Israel Trail, in

commemoration of all the fallen soldiers and terror

victims who gave their lives for Israel.


Each of the 40+ one-day segments offers immersion in

a different area of the Israeli landscape, along with

pluralistic Jewish educational programming and meetings with local figures, invited

speakers and community initiatives.


Each day features a different theme and a discussion session where small groups study

a text and share their thoughts on issues related to Jewish and Israeli identity,

traditional and contemporary culture, remembrance, environmental sustainability and

social justice. The program brings together participants from a wide range of ages and

social sectors for a day, a week or more of walking, discussing, learning and bonding.


In 2015, Encounters on the Israel Trail was awarded the Jerusalem Prize for Israeli

Unity by President Reuven Rivlin and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat for its

groundbreaking work in bringing different parts of Israeli society together. The

“Nifgashim Beshvil Israel” project, now in its 15 th year, encompasses a unique

combination of content, commemoration, and Jewish renewal partnered with nature. To

date, more than 90,000 individuals have participated in these walking seminars.

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