The Nifgashim BeShvil Israel – Encounters on the Israel Trail is a social and educational project

that takes place each year starting in late February in Eilat, at the southern tip of Israel, and

concluding two months later in Shaar Yashuv in Northern Israel.

The walk follows the emerging spring season from south to north. A detailed program for the

next year’s walk is published each year around October on the project’s website: www.avi-

The individual day trail routes are graded to various levels of difficulty including days for

families, days for moderate walkers and other days reserved for experienced walkers only.

Even the most difficult walking sections are not considered extreme but do require a good

fitness level. The standard of trail difficulty and trail length are clearly marked for each day in the

detailed annual program available on the website and participants are requested to choose days

that suit their fitness level.

The length of each day’s walk is on average between 14-20 kilometres.

The walk generally begins each day at 7am and generally concludes each day by 5 pm.

Weather conditions vary and participants are responsible for equipping themselves

appropriately. At times the walk takes place in hot or even extremely hot weather, and at other

times in the cold and rain.

The Trail organizers will take responsibility for supplying water, security and first-aid, guide

services, campground selection and logistic support for transporting heavier personal camping


Participants only need to carry water and food and personal gear for each walking day.

Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to the walk’s starting point

(detailed on the website).

Participants are responsible for their own personal health insurance.

Basic food (bread, spreads, and vegetables) is purchased in bulk and distributed each morning,

to be eaten for breakfast and lunch on the walk. Volunteers organize and prepare a basic hot

kosher parve meal each evening. Participants may choose to bring food from home or opt in to

any meals they wish. Sign-up (and payment) for each day’s hot meal and/or next day's food

distribution is during the morning registration process

It is possible to join the walk for a single day, a couple of days, a week or for the whole two-

month journey. (Please note that for a number of the desert trail sections it is not possible to join

or leave as a single-day participant.)


At the end of each day’s walk transportation is arranged to take drivers back to the starting

location of that day’s walk where their cars have been parked.

On the website there is a link for ride-sharing. Please click on the link for “Rides


Each year a special group is formed, comprised of people of all ages, who intend to walk the

whole route from Eilat to Shaar Yashuv.

The walk operates on consecutive days, setting out every day except Shabbat and Jewish


Most of the trail route is along the marked Israel National Trail but each year there are sections

that include other marked walking trails throughout Israel.

Night sleeping arrangements (for those who choose to camp overnight in the company of other

walking participants near the day’s trail end) are generally in an outdoor setting – open, marked

camping areas in the desert, grassy areas in communities along the way, etc., with participants

bringing their own necessary camping gear and tents. In stormy weather the Trail Organizers

will arrange for suitably protected areas for shelter (but with no promises for beds or showers!).

Participants of Nifgashim BeShvil Israel - Encounters on the Israel Trail come from all over

Israel and from abroad, and from different sectors and populations and across age groups. This

diversity is one of the central characteristics of the whole project.

From past experience, those who join from abroad - no matter what their ages - will not find it

difficult to connect and blend with the local Israeli walkers.

Safety instructions, health and insurance

Participants should bring hiking shoes (not sandals!), a hat, and containers for at least 3 litres of

water. Please follow instructions of trail leaders, and ensure that you are physically fit and

healthy in accordance with the day's planned hike (see detailed schedule on the website!)

Please note: The organizers are not responsible for participants' insurance. You will be asked to

complete a health form upon registration

Cost and Donations

There is no cost for participation in Nifgashim BeShvil Israel - Encounters on the Israel Trail

except for a nominal registration fee.

Participants are asked to contribute – according to their ability – to support this unique project.

Contributions to the project may be made securely online by clicking “Donate” on the website.

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